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Our Frangible Simulated Duty Round

NPA in conjunction with our Law Enforcement Agency partners has developed the Simulated Duty Round - The SDR. The cartridge was designed to mimic the shooting characteristics of standard Law Enforcement duty ammunition. The SDR product line closely matches the power factor of leading LE duty rounds without dangerous over pressuring. NPA ammunition is independently tested by HP-White Laboratories which also tests munitions for all branches of the U.S military and other government agencies. 

Agencies that train with our SDR product line have the confidence of knowing that when they must respond to a threat they are well trained.




• Proprietary loading techniques prevents projectiles breaking when chambered which is common with frangible ammunition
• Power factor equivalency “Felt” recoil
• Line of Sight = Point of Impact
• Fully Frangible non jacketed projectile
• Reduced ricochet
• Available with lead-free, heavy metal free primers (standard primers also available)
• Superior composition materials generate less carbon residue in the weapon's bore.
• SDR proprietary mixture of powder creates consistent cycling of the weapon.