H.E.L.O (High Expansion Lawman Ordnance) is a 100% copper monolithic hollow point intended as law enforcement duty-carry and self-defense ammunition. The HELO projectile features unsurpassed consistency for a hollow point, being a solid projectile without a jacket there is no jacket separation. The HELO round has met and surpassed all FBI protocols.


S.D.R (Simulated Duty Round) 100% copper frangible cartridge that blurs the boundaries of training and duty-carry ammunition. All of its components have been specially manufactured to address unique training needs to Law Enforcement Agencies and has been rigorously tested to ensure there is no decrease in accuracy while training. This compressed copper cartridge eliminates the risk of dangerous ricochets, especially within indoor training facilities. Additionally, unlike many standard-issue brands, SDR is 100% heavy metal free, which safeguards shooter’s health, helps protect the environment, and significantly reduces cost for training facilities by eliminating the need for expensive HEPA filters, lead treatment, and expensive EPA permits.